Orlite is a cabinet manufacturer made of fiberglass reinforced polyester for indoor and outdoor enclosures.
Orlite cabinets can be used for the following purposes: Electrical enclosures,  Network cabinets, Rack enclosures, Telecom cabinets, Industrial enclosures, Traffic & Street Lighting, Pump systems, Mobile system, Gas service and Railroad system, C.T.V, Camp site.

Orlite's ability to develop and customize fiberglass / plastic enclosures, from small modifications to completely new enclosures - provides its customers and partners unique solutions in a timely and economical fashion. This with the assistance of our excellent development & engineering department plus our qualitative mechanical department always preserve its high quality standards according to the ISO 9001.

  • Rounds

    Horizontal and Vertical containers for both single and double rounds

  • Bullet-Chain

    1450 and 2000 bullet chain for machine guns.

  • Hand-Grenades

    Three single type of Hand-Grenades in a special holding device

  • Mortar Ammunition
    Mortar Ammunition

    Mortar Ammunition Containers for 60, 81 and 120mm rounds.